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Please use the form below to register. You can mail the completed forms to the parish office, care of the DRE. Or you may scan the completed form and email to dre@sbcathoilc.com and place tuitions in the collection basket at Mass.

Scroll down the page for:

1- First Communion Requirements

2- Confirmation Requirements

3- Diocesan guidelines for protecting children and young people


During each grade of Faith Formation classes, new prayers are introduced to the students as part of the curriculum. We ask that parents practice these prayers with their students regularly. A list of prayers for each grade is available on the Saint Boniface website, and will also be sent home on the first day of class.

Teaching Safety – Empowering God’s Children:

Teaching Safety – Empowering God’s Children is a program that teaches age-appropriate lessons on touching safety and personal boundaries. The Diocese of Savannah requires that we include this program annually. If you do not wish for your child to participate in this program, please complete and return the opt-out form. If you would like your child to participate, no forms or further action is required.

Expectations of students:

  • -  Dress modestly for class.
  • -  Respect God, yourself, and others.
  • -  Be on time and prepared for class each week.
  • -  Submit assignments on time.
  • -  No phone/electronics usage during class.
  • -  No tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons on Saint Boniface premises.

Expectations of Parents:

We encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s faith formation by:

  • -  Staying involved with faith formation classes by reviewing prayers and classwork with your

child. Check the online parent portal regularly if you have a child in kindergarten-sixth

grade. Communicate any concerns or special needs to your child’s teacher.

-  Make sure your child is on time and prepared for class.

-  Attend Mass regularly and pray together at home.

We are looking forward to a great year! If you have any questions, please contact Sara Folland, Director of Religious Education at (313) 570-7011 or DRE@sbcatholic.com.

Download Parent Guide: 2021-2022 Faith Formation Information.pdf


Download Calendar: 21 Cal.-2.pdf



Saint Boniface Faith Formation 2021-2022 Registration Form

1952 GA Highway 21 South · Springfield, GA 31329 · (912) 754-7473 · DRE@sbcatholic.com

Please complete a separate registration form for each child. Tuition is $20 per child, with a $50 maximum per family. Tuition assistance is available; please contact the Director of Religious Education. Please pay by cash or check and mail to the address above. You can also email the form to DRE@sbcatholic.com, and place payment in the basket in the parish hall.

Student Information:

Student’s Last Name: ______________________ Student’s First Name: __________________ Date of Birth: ______________________ Grade: __________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Information:

 Mother’sLastName: Mother’s Address: Mother’sPhone: Father’s Last Name: Father’s Address:


_______________________ Mother’sFirstName:__________________ ____________________________________________________________ _______________________ Mother’sEmail: __________________ _______________________ Father’s First Name: __________________ ____________________________________________________________

_______________________ Father’sEmail: __________________

Sacrament Information:

If the student was Baptized at a Church other than Saint Boniface, please include a copy of their Baptismal certificate. If you do not have a copy, please contact the respective church.

    Sacrament Yes/No Name of Church


First Reconciliation First Holy Communion Confirmation

Will your child receive a Sacrament in 2021-2022? Yes / No


                    Please note that students must complete two consecutive years of Faith Formation prior to receiving a Sacrament. Parents also need to complete the appropriate Sacrament form, which will be provided at the start of classes.

Special/Medical Needs:

Please list any special needs or medical needs/allergies. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Information:

In the event of an emergency, if the parents cannot be reached, please contact the following:

   Name Phone

Parent/Guardian name (please print): Parent/Guardian signature:


Relationship to Student




Download Registration Form: 2021-2022 Faith Formation Registration 2.pdf




Download above document: Conf. Docs.pdf

Download above document: Bishop Letter.pdf

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First Communion

Download above document:G2 Prayers.pdf

FHC Registration

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