Parish News and Upcoming Events!

Tickets for the Chicken Dinner sale that will be held on Saturday, October 11th are underway. Get your tickets after Mass or through the parish office. Tickets are $7.00.



OCTOBER 11, 2014

We need you!!! We can't do it without the help of all the parishioners!!

Please take a moment to complete the following and return to the attendant on the way out of Mass. Many thanks in advance for your help! We will be calling to confirm work schedules, etc.

Download the sign-up sheet here:

Chicken Dinner Volunteer sign-up sheet-2014.pdf


It’s Ice Cream Social Time!

Please join us for an old fashioned ice cream social on Friday, September 12, at 7:00 p.m. all are welcomed to attend. Please be sure to sign up after Mass in the lobby so you don’t miss the last scoop!

In honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the Outreach committee will hold its first Animal Shelter drivefrom August 31 to September 30.

Items being collected are:

Blankets, towels, collars, food bowls, leashes, toys, tennis balls, scratching post, oil dry, small water buckets and dry and canned dog and cat food.


Good Movies

Senator Rick Santorum is CEO of Echolight Studios. His mission is to bring inspirational, family oriented and God centric movies to all of us. Please look at this website for great movies.


St. Boniface Catholic Church, 2014