Parish News and Upcoming Events!

Holy Rollers

On Saturday, March 22 St Boniface's Team (Holy Rollers) participated in the first annual Family Promise of Effingham Bed Race held at the Effingham High School track. The bed was constructed by Jimmy McIntosh, Team Captain. The Holy Rollers' team consisted of: Sarah McIntosh (left front); Lauren Usher (left rear); Rachel McIntosh (center); Lucy Duncan (right rear); and Catie Haag (right front). St Boniface and Effingham Family Promise are VERY grateful to the hard work and time devoted by Jimmy, Sarah, Rachel, Lauren, Lucy and Catie and everyone who made a financial donation to this worthwhile fundraiser. Over 22 beds participated in this fun event with various themes (Wizard of Oz, Duck Dynasty, Star Wars etc.) A fun time was had by all who attended and over $10,300 was raised that day for Family Promise.

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Good Movies

Senator Rick Santorum is CEO of Echolight Studios. His mission is to bring inspirational, family oriented and God centric movies to all of us. Please look at this website for great movies.


St. Boniface Catholic Church, 2013, 2014